The list Chen Xiang needs to stay in the early stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm for a period of time in order to solidify his foundation, and when he feels that it is almost the same, he can immediately rise up. ∑飞㊣Betting Speed ​​wfézc≥ His premier league condensed a large amount of creation liquid and handed it to Su Meiyao, asking her and Bai Youyou to create a large amount of pure Yuan fruit and pure Yuan leaves in that ring. A few days after going to roulette, Chen Xiang has a large amount of flashscore for refining pure yuan golden elixir, and now he has started alchemy non-stop for the livescore. This is to let him consolidate the refining of the middle-grade mysterious Dan’s foundation, on the other hand, allows him to have a large amount of pure Yuan Jindan rumble, whether it is for himself to eat or sell, Spinmatic can give him great benefits. In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had been refining the Pure Yuan Golden Pill for more than two months, and he still shut himself tightly in the secret Evolution game room, and even set up an enchantment to isolate the sound from outside, so that he could concoct alchemy with peace of mind. Because he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity of refining the Pure Essence Golden Pill to get familiar with the skill of “slowing down” time, that is, to improve his insight, to be able to see fast-moving objects very slowly in a very short moment. This is not only useful for his alchemy, it will also be of great benefit in battle, especially when encountering those who move very quickly. “One thousand pure yuan golden pills should be enough for a long time!” Chen Xiang looked at the basket of golden pills, his eyes were stinging from the golden light. Baskets of precious pills were refined one after another. “You have made great progress. It seems that you have gotten used to and mastered more advanced alchemy techniques, especially observing those things that change at a high speed.” Su Meiyao said

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