Chen Xiang greedily sucked the saliva Betking in Liu Menger’s mouth, entangled with that soft betting tongue, and a bad hand dishonestly moved to Liu Menger’s chest, separated by the thin Bai Yi gently kneaded the round and firm big white rabbit. 1fē Liu Meng’er felt her sensitive things being pinched by Chen Xiang, and her delicate body trembled, but Chen Xiang’s other hand hugged her tightly, not letting her escape. Liu Meng’er struggled a bit at first, but after thinking about it, the relationship she had seen with Chen Xiang had already developed to this point, besides, Chen Xiang had seen her pair of beautiful jade rabbits before, so she knew that Chen Xiang’s body had attracted a lot of attention. Proud chest very obsessed. She sighed slightly in her heart, and continued to kiss Chen Xiang, while making a very weak moan. This made Chen Xiang unable to control it, something had grown up, and his hands were also unscrupulously kneading the soft and huge jade rabbit, kneading it into various shapes, and pinching the little dot from time to time, that wonderful The touch made him admire again and again, wishing he could just touch it like this forever. She felt that Chen Xiang’s body was getting hotter and hotter, and she was pinching it harder and harder. She knew that Shen Xiang’s Evolution game was very high right now, and she worried that if she continued to play the Slot Games, it would be too much. Things are still not prepared for Chelsa. “Bad guy, it hurts!” Liu Meng’er snorted lightly, and lightly patted Roulette’s bad hand. Even though Chen Xiang touched through the clothes, Liu Meng’er still felt very shy, she lowered her head, an intoxicating and charming red glow appeared on her face, she baccarat softly and said: “Hmph, here you are.” I touched it, and it made me so hurt, I really don’t know how to pity and cherish the jade!” Chen Xiang took Liu Meng’er

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