“Then if the Temple of Fire came from another world, it can be seen that the Temple of Fire has a very powerful super-big teleportation. It moved over and brought a dragon with it.” Chen Xiang took out the Luotianmen and asked Long Xueyi to display it. “Mind Tour Nine Heavens”, to determine a target point near Xiaoyao Xianhai, and then he started to rotate the rings on the disc, the door of space opened, and after Chen Xiang entered, he came to a place where he could hear the sound of waves, Smelling the breath of the sea, his previously depressed mood became much better. When he came to the seaside, it was full of Parimatch rocks. He was sitting on a stone, looking at the boundless sea. With the blue sky and the sea breeze blowing, he did not go to the Xiaoyao Xianhai, but waited for Liu Menger, he wanted to see if Liu Menger would catch up, “The Fire God Temple is dedicated to the Hundred Thousand Years of Fire God Temple. Chen Xiang can’t let such a force stay in the Mortal Martial World to plunder the power of the Premier League of other people’s fire souls. Sooner or later, he will be targeted by this Fire God Temple. For example, he possesses the Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Kung Fu Let the Fire God Temple know about this, and he will be in a lot of trouble, “No, the Fire God Temple was established after the Three Realms War, but the headquarters is in the Heaven Realm, so no matter how old the real madrid forces are in the Mortal Realm, they cannot Can’t beat him,” Bai Youyou said, Chen Xiang picked up a stone, threw it towards Leap’s undulating sea, and said: “If this Fire God Temple dares to come to trouble me, Su Meiyao saw Chen Xiang’s determination, so she smiled slightly. Betting was slightly startled: “Oh? You dare to attack the Fire God Temple? If the Fire God Temple here goes out, the other Fire God Temples will also be sent to live betting here,” Bai Youyou also said in surprise:

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