Chen Xiang had seen that grandson Xueren’s methods with his own eyes, and he was also a little afraid of it. Mo Tian was just scratched by the nails of that claw, and he instantly became a middle-aged man. His scalp would tingle just thinking about it. “That martial soul is called the evil bone martial soul. Although he wants to only fuse it on his arm, as his strength increases and he loses control over the evil bone martial soul, the evil bone man city martial soul will spread to Endorphina. The whole body, let him become a big Spinmatic skeleton with only evil consciousness!” Huang Jintian frowned and said, “I don’t recommend you to go to the martial arts competition, you should think about it again!” Chen Xiang thought for a while, and continued to ask: “Master, how about that?” How did the Evil Bone Martial Soul come about?” Huang Jintian let out a long sigh: “It was left over from the World War 100,000 years ago. It was the strong man on the King’s Continent who caught a demon and killed it. After getting this Martial Soul, I think Roulette should be the one who founded the Temple of Martial Arts. When the royal power was used to show off, we all advised him to destroy it, but I never thought he would use it on his own apprentice.” Abstained. ? Chen Xiang was very reluctant, because he had already reached this point, and he was only short of the last battle before he could get the fruit of good fortune. “Master, I’m BGaming and I want to try it. I practiced the Demon Suppressing Divine Art and cultivated the Demon Suppressing Golden Body. I should be able to restrain this evil thing with Pragmatic Play!” Chen Xiang said. Huang Jintian also thought of this level before, he nodded: “If you can restrain yourself, you’d better destroy that evil bone martial soul! You don’t have to have any worries, just kill Wang Quan’s big apprentice!” “No However, you have to pay attention to one thing, if you don’t succeed, you must escape, I think you should be able to do it!” Mozzartbet Chen Xiang can use fusion

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