In the second volume, Wan Xuan was the person who entered in the fourth Leap. He entered here almost a day ahead of Chen Xiang. His strength is not weak. Chen Xiang guessed that he got a lot of demon hearts. If Betting kills Wan Xuan If so, he can get the demon heart in Wan Xuan’s hand, which can save him a lot of time. (Please keep in mind when reading novels) And Wan Xuan saw that Chen Xiang could take an evil monster as his slave, and secretly envied him in his heart. Kill those evil monsters, like Chen Xiang, with a powerful evil monster servant, it will be very convenient to walk in this profound realm. “Chen Xiang, let me tell you the truth, you will definitely not be able to enter the finals. My master only has us four apprentices, and he is willing to take out the Fruit of Creation just to let us get the highest Nairabet. So except Other than us, no one else would want to enter the finals of the Champions League!” Wan Xuan smiled triumphantly, Pragmatic Play swung his sword, and a flash of sword light flashed out, accompanied by a very strong burst of energy. Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart, and hurriedly turned his head to avoid it, but the energy still passed across his face, drawing a bloodstain on his face, and a section of hair was also cut off. After seeing Wan Xuan’s strength, Chen Xiang’s face became serious. This Wan Xuan’s strength is indeed stronger than the two bloodline warriors he met before. The strength of each apprentice is unfathomable, and they are all evenly matched, otherwise the four of them would not be allowed to fight each other. This game is also crucial to determine who the four apprentices of the kingship will receive the inheritance of the kingship. “You mean, you

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