With a punch of rumble, Qiu Sheng was blown away without a trace. This kind of strength made everyone in the field gasp. The dragon power is so powerful, but everyone knows that it is very difficult to cultivate Betking, because you must have the five elements of the universe, and the body must be strong enough, and the condensed true energy must be strong enough. Even so, many people still want to obtain the Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Kung Fu, but now they can no longer go to Chen Xiang for it, otherwise it would be unethical. Chen Xiang let them get the martial arts left by the old ancestor, which in itself is against the law. They are kind, how can they, who stand at the pinnacle of the mortal world, be ungrateful? Chen Xiang originally had 3300 points, plus Qiu Sheng’s 3300 points, the affiliate has 1000 points, and he is now ranked tenth! And there is still half a day before the end, and he will definitely not be squeezed out within this half day. In just two and a half days, Chen Xiang leaped to tenth place. You must know that the people who were ranked higher were the ones whose LiveScore experienced many battles before they could have many FlashScore points when the rules were not perfect. Now that Chen Xiang got this ranking chelsa in less than three days, this shocked many warriors in the King’s Continent, and at the same time, they were somewhat jealous of Chen Xiang, an outsider. Because Chen Xiang was not from the King’s Continent, and yet he got such a good ranking, Nairabet would of course feel uncomfortable to the warriors on the King’s Continent. The point ranking competition is over, all those below 50 have been eliminated, and they cannot proceed to the next stage. The person who just squeezed into BGaming’s 50th place was very depressed, because he was squeezed out not long after he squeezed in. , it’s all because of Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang waited for half an hour before Wang Quan came back. “Old Wang

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