award? This made the old man and the other four young alchemists who participated in the competition feel contemptuous, because they felt that Chen Xiang had no chance of winning, so they dared to ask for rewards! Although the King’s Continent has been closed, there are still many strong people who often come here, and many people in the King’s Continent often go out, so they know some things about other continents, especially the pill Surebet247. [‘Fiction`] Products such as Zhuji Pill, Yuanshen Pill, and Five Elements True Yuan Pill are very rare, just like their King Continent, and the same is true for other unorthodox pills, and their Endorphinas There are a lot of medicinal ingredients in baccarat’s unorthodox elixir, so they made this rule on purpose, this is to make Chen Xiang lose the game here. Originally they wanted Chen Xiang to participate in the competition, and then severely defeated Shen Xiang, the number one young powerhouse in the Chenwu Continent, but they didn’t expect that Chen Xiang didn’t go, only his apprentice Xiao Qiu came. Although Xiao Chou was seriously injured and went back, King Dalu still felt that it was not enough, because their target was Chen Xiang, and Xiao Chou was just defeated by Chen Xiang, they had no sense of superiority in defeating Xiao Chou. So flashscore, this alchemy competition is customized for Chen Xiang! “There is only one Slot Games winner in this game, and he will get a Bai Yulian Evolution game!” said the old man. “Oh!” Chen Xiang responded lightly, his face was very flat, and his eyes were full of disappointment, as if the white jade lotus seeds were Chinese cabbage. You must know that white jade lotus seeds are already considered very good things. They are one of the main medicinal materials of earth-level top-grade pills, life-returning pills, and even some heaven-level pills need white jade lotus seeds. “I would like to know

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