7 Kankareal madridnrumble Novel Heroes Conference was officially held. All the powerhouses were discussing how to join forces to seal the space crack, and then go to exterminate those evil monsters. Naturally, Chen Xiang below could not hear him. He was in that small passage, It was dark and quiet, what made him a little worried was what dangers he would encounter, “This place should be shrouded by a powerful restriction, but Mei Yao said, Chen Xiang also tried it, no matter how he tried it, he just couldn’t knock it down Msports is a piece of rock, even the traces can’t be made out, this man city makes him feel that there must be something good hidden under it, this mountain was established a hundred thousand years ago, when martial arts flourished at that time, later because of that The catastrophe caused many martial arts and alchemy poker techniques to be lost, so the current warriors are much worse than before. After Chen Xiang crawled for more than half an hour, he suddenly felt subdued, but not long after he felt comfortable, A huge suction force suddenly appeared, pulling him down, and he felt like he was flying in this small passage, what’s the matter with sinking?” “A strong suction force is sucking you forward,” Long said. Xueyi said, “It shouldn’t be established by those warriors 100,000 years ago, there shouldn’t be any malice. That suction is to let you go to that mysterious place faster,” Su Meiyao said, and Chen Xiang breathed a sigh of relief. He was angry, but he was still vigilant. When he was affiliated, he felt that he was moving faster and faster. Now he seemed to be in a channel formed by the wind, and he felt very refreshed. After a while, he suddenly felt heavy. Drop the livescore on the ground, because there is a lot of space here! “Is this the bottom of that mountain?

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