The third volume of the third volume of the novel: Chen Xiang was slightly annoyed. If the real madrid hadn’t been stopped by these elders at the beginning, the affiliate might not have been robbed of Yao Haisheng. Otherwise, Yao Haisheng wouldn’t be hurt so badly. These four elders are very strange, and Chen Xiang has never seen them before. Seeing their invincible appearance, Chen Xiang was even more surprised. If the champions league knows that these elders are only true warriors The strength of the ninth stage of the realm actually looks down on him and Xiao Qiu so much. Chen Xiang is currently at the seventh stage of the True Qi Realm, if he uses BGaming to bet all his strength, and with the Azure Dragon Demon Slaying Knife, he will not be afraid at all at the ninth stage of the True Martial Realm! “I want to know why you didn’t save Yao Haisheng? Not only did you not save him, but you also blocked his friends from saving him. What are you so worried about? As elders, you can actually watch your disciples being robbed by others, and even He was severely injured by the explosion.” Chen Xiang clenched his fist, and the true energy in his body secretly surged, he was getting angry. “Because they are disciples of the Holy Light Sect, haven’t you heard of the Holy Light Sect? We can’t offend this powerful force, so…” “Fart! If it was the head teacher, those guys who hit the sea with medicine would have been Endorphina Just be wiped out! No matter how strong the opponent is, if they dare to snatch people from my Taiwu Sect in front of the Taiwu Sect, my Taiwu Sect should spare no effort to make those guys pay the price! You NetEnt four You are cowards, you are the lackeys of the Holy Light Sect, you are not worthy of being a member of the Taiwu Sect, and you are the elders of the goddamned bet game! Pooh!” Chen Xiang cursed angrily. Yun Xiaodao and the others also felt very happy at this time, and Xiao Qiu was also ready to make a move! “Let’s go, these idiots

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