Bai Ziqian saw such a big change in her younger sister, which made her feel very relieved, but she snorted coldly at Chen Xiang, the little scoundrel, she still feels her chest hurts now, if someone else did this, it must be She will be tortured for tens of thousands of years before killing her, “Sister, if you can, dispel that ruthless magic power now!” Bai Zi baccarat Qian wiped the tears on Bai Youyou’s face, everyone has their own fragile On the one hand, the same is true for Bai Youyou, an iceberg beauty, she is a bit reluctant to part with her sister, “No need, I may not be able to practice that ruthless magic skill now!” Bai Youyou shook BGaming and shook her head, Bai Ziqian sighed softly: ” Then you have to be careful in the champions league, my sister is gone, we will meet again in the future!” Bai Youyou nodded, and smiled at Bai Ziqian: “Sister Sportybet sister goodbye!” Bai Ziqian kissed her cheek, slightly Pragmatic Play smiled, waved his hand and opened a hole for the poker, then went into the 22Bet hole and disappeared. Msports disappeared. It was a rare appearance of a little girl. Chen Xiang was an eye-opener. After seeing Bai Ziqian leave, Chen Xiang learned Seeing Bai Youyou’s shy tone like a girl just now: “Goodbye, sister!” This made Su Meiyao burst into a smile, Bai Youyou flew over, beat Chen Xiang twice, and then returned to the ring, “Slot Games! Is it the broken void?” Chen Xiang looked at the space crack that was gradually disappearing, and said with emotion in his heart, “One day you can do it too!” Bai Youyou said, she has become much more lively now, although she is still a Her face is cold, but this is the reason for her over the years, it cannot be changed, but at least now she talks to Chen Xiang

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