The Hundred Beast Pill and Primordial Spirit Pill refined by Chen Xiang were placed in a box, this box was specially prepared by Danxiang Taoyuan to prevent cheating, after refining the Primordial Spirit Pill, Chen Xiang closed his eyes, After recovering, he wants to refine the five-element flashscore Zhenyuan pill that he had refined for sports betting. He was shooting, and Elder Dan gave him two multicolored lotus seeds, five-color ganoderma lucidum and chelsa five-leaf clover. There are two in total. but he can only refine one, because he must save one for planting, now many people are starting to speculate what kind of pill is Chen Xiang’s next mysterious low-grade pill, many people suspect that it is the foundation pill, Especially Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong, they have obtained many Foundation Establishment Pills from Chen Xiang, if he had Qingxuan Fruit now, he would have already started refining Man City, “Does he still want to refine it? He doesn’t have Qingxuan Fruit, if he wants to refine the Foundation Establishment Pill, he has already started refining the Divine Pill, which is easier to refine,” Liu Meng’er said doubtfully, Hua Xiangyue looked at Chen Xiang who was resting, and frowned. Wrinkled, her face was full of indescribable strictness. She seemed to see something, but Surebet247 couldn’t confirm it, “What’s wrong?” Seeing Hua Xiangyue’s expression, Liu Menger immediately asked, “I don’t know. Make sure, let’s take a look again! Who did this little villain learn alchemy from? He actually shook his head and said to Yue. Suddenly, she saw Chen Xiang take out a lot of medicinal materials, her pupils shrank sharply, and her tender body slightly Trembling, did you make it that far?” Seeing Hua Xiangyue’s face changed drastically, Liu Meng’er looked at it: “Isn’t that the colorful mysterious fruit he bought at the livescore auction? There are other things… Could it be Pragmatic? Play the ingredients of Five Elements True Essence Pill!” Hua Xiangyue spit out live betting

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