Refining the Foundation Establishment Pill is a very easy task for Chen Xiang. Now his consciousness is many times stronger than when he first refined the Foundation Establishment Pill. He has no pressure at all. When making alchemy, he always looked relaxed, and looked at the chelsa beauty Hua Xiangyue from time to time. No matter how he looked at it, he always felt that he couldn’t get tired of looking at it, and the more he looked at it, the more comfortable he was, especially today, this Sportybet was wearing a luxurious floral fragrance. The Betting content of this month is text content. Chen Xiang guessed that Hua Xiangyue might be influenced by Liu Menger, so she dressed like a female emperor, but she didn’t have that kind of arrogance that looked down on the world, and she didn’t have Liu Menger’s cold and noble temperament, but she had something else Charm, various styles, charming and extravagant, very attractive, can arouse men’s desire to conquer. Suddenly, Chen Xiang Leap felt a movement inside the mysterious beast bag. The little white tiger has been sleeping since entering the mysterious beast bag. Chen Xiang finally waited for BGaming until she woke up. “Little guy, it’s a little narrower here, please be patient for a while, NetEnt will wait for a chance, I’ll change it to a bigger place for you.” Chen Xiang said gently. “No…not bad, I think it’s pretty good.” The timid voice of the little white tiger sounded in Chen Xiang’s mind, and one could tell that she was quite frightened by Chen Xiang, and she was completely afraid of Chen Xiang. It made Chen Xiang feel uncomfortable. “Do you have a name?” Chen Xiang asked. “No, master…can master get one for me?” Little White Tiger asked cautiously. Spiritual beasts cannot speak, but they can use their spiritual sense. Humans are the master of all spirits. After the evolution of beasts, they can all take human form. Like Long Xueyi, they seldom turn into dragons, but always turn into humans. “I come

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