Seeing Chen Xiang Lecheng’s appearance, Liu Meng’er hummed in her heart. The content of this book is Parimatch. “Let’s go now.” Chen Xiang baccarat said, the stiff Endorphina feeling made him very uncomfortable. “Sister Liu, I’ll leave this kid to you.” Gu Dongchen patted Chen Xiang and nodded, smiling. Chen Xiang didn’t expect Liu Menger to be older than Gu Dongchen, Liu Menger smiled lightly and said, “Don’t worry, both of you.” Chen Xiang followed Slot Games Liu Menger left Betking and left Taiwumen. It was a lotus-shaped frisbee released by riding Liu Meng’er. This frisbee was very big. After Chen Xiang saw that he was far away from the Taiwu Rumble Gate, he lay down and let out a pleasant moan: “It’s so cool!” “Little villain!” , You and Gu Dongchen have a good relationship with them!” Liu Meng’er spat coquettishly, squeezed Chen Xiang’s arm vigorously, and slept on her Frisbee so casually. “Of course, sister Meng’er has a good relationship with both, right?” Chen Xiang lay on the lotus frisbee, looking at the blue sky: “Sister Meng’er, thank you for helping me with my body training, I can easily kill that guy It’s gone!” Liu Meng’er saw Chen Xiang sucking her deodorant, her face blushed slightly: “Little scoundrel, is the guy you killed strong? Tell me.” Chen Xiang told Lu Jie what happened The conflict told Liu Menger, which surprised Liu Menger. “That guy must be using Onimu. My parents said that people who practice Onimu will eventually become crazy people, and now only the Demon Yangzong still exists. Even the Demon Yangzong is forbidden to practice. This is a forbidden martial art!” Liu Menger’s pretty face changed slightly. Next, Liu Menger listened to Chen Xiang talk about his

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