[ISB No. 327976] After killing the three wolves in the second volume, Long Xueyi’s power exited his body, and he suddenly felt pain all over his body, almost limp to the ground, without any strength at all. This is the serious consequence of borrowing too much Long Xueyi’s power. He knows that this is something that will damage his body, so it is not a last resort. He can’t use it, and he can’t use it too often, otherwise his body will be ruined. “What are you still doing in a daze, go to the affiliate and cut off that guy’s stomach, and take out the magic crystal core inside!” Long Xueyi hurriedly called Parimatch. Chen Xiang can’t even lift a knife now, let alone bet a game to open the belly of the three wolves. “I can’t move the man city!” Chen Xiang said weakly. “Idiot, where’s your mana?” Long Xueyi snorted coquettishly. Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled bitterly. He had indeed forgotten that although his body was sore and weak, his consciousness was still there, and he could release mana. He operated the Nine-Turn Dragon God Art, turned his consciousness into mana, and let the mana flow into all parts of his body. In this way, he could use mana to control his body. He first ate a box of white jade powder, then swallowed a grain of true essence pill, and then floated towards the three wolves. At this time, his strength had recovered a lot. A swipe across the huge body. The Qinglong Demon Slaying Knife is very sharp, and it easily made a big gash in the abdomen of the three wolves in flashscore, and the disgusting things inside gushed out. Fortunately, Chen Xiang flashed fast, otherwise he would be killed by those Dong Mozzartbets. The west was drowned. Chen Xiang soon saw the round black crystal with a height of one person. Although it was black, it exuded a very pure energy aura.

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