Devouring so many people’s true qi at once, and two of them were at the fifth stage of the true martial arts realm, this was the most time Chen Xiang had swallowed the most in his history. At this time, his body was full of tyrannical true qi. He had to refine it quickly, otherwise he would be in danger. This content is text content. Shen BetWinner Xiang is now the second stage of the body of the fairy and demon, and he is also practicing the divine way, so the overall strength is still very strong, otherwise Bai Youyou would have prevented Chen Xiang from devouring it just now, but fortunately, what he devoured were all righteous people, true energy Although tyrannical, but compared to the disciples of the Demon Sect, it is considered gentle. “If you want to practice the divine way, it’s better not to use the Taiji Subduing Dragon Kungfu to cultivate your consciousness, but to use the Nine-turn Dragon God Art!” Long Xueyi said: “You have a lot of Betway zhenqi in your body now, you can use part of it to cultivate Divine consciousness.” Shen Baccarat Xiang was hiding in the hole of a big tree, and was running Taiji Livescore Subduing Dragon Kung Fu to refine the true energy he had devoured. Hearing Long Xueyi’s words, he hurriedly said sports betting: “Isn’t the Nine-turn Dragon God Art powerful?” “Nonsense, of course it’s powerful! Only the dragons of our imperial dragon clan know how to cultivate! There are many dragon-slayer gods, but only ten are the strongest. Dragon Kungfu is one kind, and the Nine-turn Dragon God Art is the master of our Imperial Dragon Clan, we all use it to practice the divine way!” Long Xueyi said proudly when she saw someone doubting their Imperial Dragon Clan. Chen Xiang was overjoyed, and said: “You little girl, why didn’t you pass Mozzartbet to me earlier?” The content of the first turn will be passed on to you, but this is all for you to cultivate to Nirvana

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