“You are Chen Xiang, right!” The Betking middle-aged Surebet247 pointed the piece of paper in his hand to Chen Xiang, on which he drew Chen Xiang’s appearance, which was very realistic. Although Chen Xiang had simply dressed up as a flashscore, but The eyes, face shape, nose, and mouth are all very similar to betting. .(.) p`一p`中p`文\s Chen Xiang had heard before that Beast Wu painted a lot of his portraits and distributed them everywhere, which made him angry. He only killed Beast to save his life. Wu’s person, but now he is being offered a high reward by Beast Wu. He made up his mind at this moment that one day, he must find Beast Wu to settle the debt. “Are you going to kill me to get the one hundred thousand crystals?” Chen Xiang clenched his fists and asked in a deep voice. Chen Xiang guessed that the person who was staring at him just now should be sent by the middle-aged man in front of him. . There are thousands of people in the valley at this time, most of them are warriors of Mortal Martial Realm. Although they didn’t find any treasures when they came, they met Chen Xiang. For a hundred thousand crystal stones, it is difficult for many people here to beat Resisted, but none of them did anything, they were all watching the situation, and they also knew that Chen Xiang was not so easy to deal with. “Shou Wu said that as long as you get your head, you can get 100,000 crystals, but if you get caught without a fight, I might be able to take your whole body to receive the reward.” The portrait is put away. This middle-aged man was dressed in black, exuding a strange baccarat aura of true energy, which was quite different from the people around him, and Chen Xiang felt that this aura of true energy was somewhat familiar. “Are you a member of Hundred Poisons?” Chen Xiang asked in a cold voice, Hundred Poisons, one of the top five, is also a Taoist sect that frightens the martial arts practitioners of Chen Wu Kyushu, because Hundred Poisons are good at

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