The upgrade and revision is successful, please support more book friends, please inform us in time if you find BUSurebet247G, so that we can correct it in time, if you need text chapters, please let us know, we will try our best to provide texts for popular books, of course, because there are many books, the total workload is too large, If not, please forgive Mo Yuwen and Xu Weilong’s complexion. If it was before, their live betting might not have put Chen Xiang in their eyes, but now they know that Chen Xiang has killed more than a dozen members of the Beast Martial Sect. Inner sect disciple, sports betting kills the true disciple of the beast forbet martial arts, then he knows that BGaming Chen Xiang is not an ordinary person, even if the true disciple is injured, his strength is very strong, but he was beaten into meat by Chen Xiang . ..Wu Kaiming brought Chen Xiang into the Supreme Martial Profound Realm, and walked towards a deep mountain. “Elder Wu, where are we going?” Chen Xiang asked. “Go to the forbidden area of ​​Taiwu Sect, a place dedicated to detaining repeat offenders. All the giants of the martial arts sect on the Chenwu Continent know it. After the disciples of Taiwu Sect commit serious crimes, only being imprisoned can satisfy other sects.” Wu Kaiming sighed. Liverpool said in an air: “Ten out of ten Taiwumen disciples who were imprisoned died, I hope you can survive.” Chen Xiang real madrid’s heart was shocked, and he asked: “How do you usually die?” “Old death Yes, or they can’t bear that kind of mental torment.” Wu Kaiming said. “Could it be that no one escaped?” Chen Xiang asked in surprise. “Unless there is an order from the head teacher, whoever escapes will die, so you have to stay inside until the head teacher leaves the customs.” Wu Kaiming’s sportybet eyes were full of fear: “The forbidden Parimatch is the ancestor of Taiwu Established, has a strange power, even standing in the mortal

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