Chen Xiang, the silent thief, now has two true essence pills, which are top-grade spiritual pills. There are not many betking pills of this level in the martial arts sect, so it is generally difficult to buy them. Only the materials can be obtained by hiring Endorphina. Ask an alchemist to refine it. “Don’t eat it yet, you have just entered the ninth-level mortal martial realm premier league not long ago, get familiar with this realm first, and then swallow it in one go when you are about to attack the tenth-level mortal martial realm in Liverpool!” Su Meiyao said. Chen Xiang sighed, so he had no choice but to put away the True Qi Pill, he had wanted to taste it for a long time. Zhentian Palm is a very powerful Slot Games martial art. It releases a large amount of true energy in the body instantly, causing a kind of shock. It produces an invisible shock wave to carry out long-distance and large-scale attacks. It can also hit Attack at one point, but if you are dodged, you will waste a lot of true energy. “Sky-shocking palm!” With five fingers, Chen Xiang struck out with one palm, and saw that a dozen or so trees in front of him were instantly shattered, and the soil on the ground was also shaken like a sea wave, with very overbearing power. Chen Xiang was practicing in a forest of Taiwumen, if he was in the martial arts academy, he might be able to destroy the martial arts academy. “It took only three days to practice forebet, it’s pretty fast!” Chen Xiang saw that the effect was not good, so he was very satisfied and tried the Xuanhand finger again! “I saw a layer of light cyan qi suddenly gushing out from one of Roulette’s fingers, wrapping around his index finger. The qi at this time looked very calm, but it gave off a very depressing atmosphere. Chen Xiang pointed at a stone slab and lightly poked it with his finger, a small hole appeared immediately, just like poking tofu! Let alone a stone, even if a nine-stage mortal weapon was pinched by betting’s two Xuangang fingers, it would immediately Cut off! “Hey

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