Friends who use computers to read books, vote for 22Bet flowers, thank you for the premier league! ! ! “By the way, do you have any older sisters? Introduce one to me for live betting, are they all as good as you?” Zhu Rong’s eyes lit up and he asked hastily. “Fuck your sister, even if I have one, I wouldn’t introduce it to you!” Chen Xiang said contemptuously. He came to Taiwumen to find Leng Youlan. Leng Youlan is his righteous sister, and he is an older brother. You have to take good care of her. Zhu Rong snorted: “Don’t look at me like this, there are as many real madrid women who give me hugs for the Evolution game as there are people who come to test me at the door, I am the young master of the Zhu family, an inner disciple of the Taiwu Sect! “Zhu Rong is actually a disciple of the inner sect, Chen Xiang was a little surprised, he heard that only people at the tenth level of Mortal Martial Realm can enter the inner sect! “Old Zhu, in the past few months, have you heard of a white-haired woman coming to the Taiwu Sect for a test?” Chen Xiang asked. “Remember, I will never forget!” Zhu Rong said immediately, his expression became serious: “This woman is amazing, she has dual veins of ice and fire, and it seems to be Tianmai. Originally, she was going to enter the Taiwu Sect. But it was taken away by people from other sects.” “Champions league what?” Chen Xiang was very surprised, he didn’t expect that Leng Youlan was Tianmai, and was snatched away by other sects, if Betway was a demon sect, Wouldn’t that be bad? “Don’t worry, people from Icewind Dale took her away, that place is more suitable for her! She is not the person you have a crush on, right? With your material, she is not worthy to carry shoes for poker.” Zhu Rong disdainfully Looking at Chen Xiang, he knew that Leng Youlan came from the secular world, so he thought so. Chen Xiang sighed and said: “She is my younger sister, who is sworn sister.” “Just kidding,

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