(‘Mobile users, please log in and read this book. There are quite a few martial arts factions, all of whom are tit-for-tat. I wish the other party would make a mistake, and then hold on to the flashscore and let it go. To Chen Xiang’s surprise, a young Mortal Martial Realm eighth level like Zhang Long , is not taken seriously. It can be imagined that there must be a lot of powerful fighters in the martial arts sects of Slot Games, and the fighters who can be valued must have a bright future..Betway (.) Wen)\s The Betking matter calmed down, and Chen Xiang also began to learn alchemy with peace of mind, to ripen the spirit. He didn’t take the True Yuan Pill, because both Su Premier League Meiyao and Bai Youyou suggested that he take it when he was in a bottleneck. It will be of great use to him. After the family’s Dan business was taken over by the Shen family, the price also dropped, which made many warriors very happy, and they all supported the Shen family. From this aspect, the Shen family is very popular and will be of great help to future development. In this live betting world, it is normal for the weak and the strong to eat, but the wealth accumulated by the family over the years will be owned by the Shen family in a day! This is also Msports asking for trouble. If he didn’t want to confront the Shen family, he would still be fine. After annexing the home, Chen Xiang found that there was no shortage of spirits to refine alchemy. Now he picked some spirits in the garden of his home, and prepared to use them to refine mortal top-grade pills. The refining process of mortal-level top-grade pills is not only difficult to improve a lot , and the spirit of need is more precious. There are not many types of mortal high-grade alchemy, and there are only a few of them that are often used. They are also useful to warriors, and the refining is rare and very high. Such alchemists must master such alchemists. When Chen Xiang started to learn to refine high-level pills, he always chose this kind of pills first. rumble “The status of the mortal top-grade pill is a bit embarrassing

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