This article contains 48 chapters, if you like 48 chapters, please bookmark 48 chapters! Although the Black Wind Gang was wiped out, there was not much movement from the Yao Family. The Black Wind Gang was the lackey of the Yao Family. Looking for the long-lost genius and elder of their medicine family,. The Pill King Pavilion was quickly cleaned up and reopened. After the Black Wind Gang was wiped out, the people in Wangcheng were also shocked by the strength of the Pill King Pavilion, and now they flocked to the Pill King Pavilion to buy pills. The price of elixir is much cheaper than that of Yaojia elixir Online Casino, which has greatly affected the flashscore of Yaojia elixir. Most of the warriors who need to buy the pill liverpool are not very rich, and they don’t have a family behind them. They are desperate to make money to buy the pill to improve their strength, so in their eyes, whichever is cheaper, they choose Msports, and the Pill King Pavilion has The Alchemy King of the Southern Forebet Martial Kingdom is in charge, which makes these people more at ease. The low-grade mortal medicines sell more, but the middle-grade ones are rare, because the middle-grade ones are much more expensive, and the top-grade mortals are even less bought by people. Livescore is not something ordinary people can afford. Because there is a continuous supply of low-priced elixir from Pill Fragrant Medicine Casino Slot Village, which reduces the cost of Pill King Pavilion. Even if it is sold cheaply, there will be a lot of profit. For the spiritual money he earned, Chen Xiang will never want it. It is reserved for the turnover of Danwang Pavilion. One day later, Chen Xiang was still refining the devoured true qi. The true qi of the leader of the Black Wind Clan was very turbid. He discharged many impurities from it, and finally refined the pure true qi into Parimatch’s own real madrid. This process It takes time. Chen Xiang’s dantian is already full of true energy

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