(‘Mobile users livescore, please log in to read this book. The boy’s infuriating mask is also very strong and impregnable. It was able to withstand Chen Xiang’s crazy thunderous punches, but Chen Xiang ignored it, and saw that he was originally The green zhenqi was suddenly mixed with a trace of fiery red..(.) No. 1) (中)(文)\sChen Xiang just used the green dragon zhenqi of the wood attribute, but now he added the fire attribute Suzaku true qi, these two kinds of true qi are fused and superimposed, not just doubling! Seeing Chen Xiang’s zhenqi change, Shen Furong’s pupils shrank, and one person can release two kinds of zhenqi, which is rare! The golden qi shield surrounding the young man’s body also swayed slightly, it could be seen that Chen Xiang’s fist shook his solid zhenqi mask. Chen Xiang let out a roar, and when his fists struck the Slot Games, a burst of scorching flames erupted, the thunder and lightning of the flames billowed, and the powerful and tyrannical aura of the champions league wave after wave seemed to surge around, which was extremely shocking. Chen Xiang struck out again with a pair of lightning-flashing fists. “Boom boom boom…” Chen Xiang’s fist was as fast as ever, and he blasted out a dozen punches in an instant, hitting the boy’s golden qi mask, and there was a thunderous roar, which made the ground tremble, and the entire Liverpool Pavilion Shaking, the sound spread everywhere. The continuous violent punching, the continuous roaring sound burst out, such a crazy attack has shocked Shen Luzong, Shen Furong and those young people. That young boy did not expect that Chen Xiang’s true energy is so strong To such a terrifying extent, it is possible to crazily perform such a violent and true energy-consuming attack. The golden aura on the young man’s body has become darker and lighter, he was beaten back by Chen Xiang, his body was pierced through the gold by that violent punch.

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