As we all know, the fall of the Kingdom of God involved a very wide range of matters. &Zero&Point&Chinese&Text&Chapter Update Sportybet Fastest Usually, when a god falls, there will be at least one god with great power in the forebet—or the man city must be presided over by an ancient god. In the current Celestial God Kingdom, the resident ancient gods include the moon god Vanya and the god of truth. The ones with great divine power are naturally the three main gods. However, apart from the God of War and the Lord of Morning Light, the other one is said to be still in the wilderness, and it is impossible to appear in the kingdom of heaven! Now that the two main gods descended to the earth elemental plane to face Marvin, the kingdom of heaven and god was nothing. It’s just that no one thought that three gods would fall in one breath! The three kingdoms of the gods are crumbling, and under the attraction of the final star realm, they begin to collapse and shrink, absorbing all nearby substances that can absorb Pragmatic play! If there is no powerful enough god to preside over it, something will definitely happen! However, the most embarrassing thing about betting games for Leap right now is that there are not enough betting gods at this level! Vanya and Jasmine, there are only two ancient gods. But there are three fallen gods! What about the third kingdom of gods? The gods panicked for a while, especially the gods of the Kingdom of God next to the God of Dreams, who were even more nervous as if they were facing a big enemy. Fortunately, at this time, there was a burst of space-time fluctuations in the sky! The tall figure of the God of War appeared in the kingdom of heaven! “Get out of the way, I’ll do it.” Endorphina’s face was very bad, as if he encountered some obstacles. The gods naturally stepped aside obediently. The God of War seemed to be angry at first. Who would dare to provoke him at a time like this? Even if it is the attribute of the morning light and the guardian god

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