·The Three Holy Swords of the Valkyries before the cataclysm in the second volume have always been hailed as one of Feinan’s most powerful artifacts. If an ordinary person faced this terrifying holy sword, he might not even have the means to parry it, but could only dodge it. For example, Mingfeng, who was previously conferred in the body as a god, was cut under the horse by the holy sword even though he had become a high god. At their level, weapons sometimes become less important – because everyone’s strength has surpassed the limitations of weapons; however, there are some divine weapons that are naturally different. Whether it is the Three Holy Swords or the NetEnt Sodom’s Blade, they are all weapons that can scare legends and even gods! So facing the aggressive Eve, Marvin didn’t have any intention of retreating! What about an ambush by three Bet9ja individuals? Today’s Marvin, even the element extraction system can be handed over to others, because his self-confidence baccarat has reached a peak. With the continuous supply of divine power from the high-level virtual godhead la liga, he feels that even if a god with medium divine power fights against him, he will not be defeated by Betting! His hard power has not yet reached the level of the guardian of the plane, but in actual combat, he already has the strength to fight against the guardian of the plane! But seeing Marvin’s figure like lightning, he rushed directly towards the dragon’s Pragmatic Play holy sword. The scarlet light fiercely hit a subtle point on the live betting of the holy sword! A miraculous scene happened, the holy sword, which was originally imposing, suddenly went limp. As if being hit to the point by Ma Wen, there was a faint hint of decline! Eve frowned! Nothing like this has happened at 22Bet since she took charge of the Three Holy Swords. The swordsmanship taught to her by the Valkyrie gave her enough

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