The latest chapter,, Category: Science Fiction Author: Deep Blue Coconut Juice This chapter 1xBet: In the Tower of Babel, sudden changes occur. Because Marvin took the Fate Slate, everything inside Tongtian Tower has changed. The transparent room that originally trapped many powerful people disappeared. Their sports betting all appeared on the top floor of Tongtian Tower. Everyone looked at the entrance of Roulette Virtual Baccarat in astonishment. And that burst of throbbing from the depths of my heart, as well as the horrific picture that flashed before my eyes, completely woke up those god servants who were still immersed in deciphering the cipher text of the stele! “Just…what happened?” “What the hell is going on? I saw two giant snakes capable of destroying the world!” Nairabet hastily and panickedly exchanged what they had seen. “This is the entrance to the virtual world! We must seal it immediately!” Someone commented. These words “Evolution game” quickly won the approval of everyone in the kingdom of heaven. The servants of the gods are very afraid of the power of the gods. This is the power of law. Even if the Mieshi Snakes are evil gods, as long as they appear in this place, Slot Games is enough to kill them all! However, at this moment, Betting sounded BetWinner with a light voice: “Close the virtual world? What about the Slate of Fate?” When the Slate of Fate was mentioned, all the people who had shared the same hatred immediately fell silent! Some of them were looking around, but some of them had already received messages from other than Feinan! The Star Beast War has ended, and with Marvin taking the Fate Slate, the power of order near Tongtian Tower has also been lifted. One after another information was frantically sent to Tongtian Tower! The faces of the servants of the gods suddenly changed! “

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