In the sci-fi Molten Field, Marvin, who was struggling, stagnated at Forebet. In the eyes of many people, he seems to have given up on moving forward. The consul of the underworld got closer, and he tried to pull Marvin’s soul out, but at this moment, the molten field suddenly tore apart. In this land of flames, a door magically appeared. A brand new door to hell! Accompanied by a terrifying roar from chelsa, the door slowly opened, and three extremely huge heads forced their way through the door! Everyone in the flashscore in the land of order suddenly showed a look of surprise. Why is there still a gate to hell in the molten field? What they didn’t even expect was that what appeared behind the gate was not some terrifying Lord of Purgatory, but a three-headed hellhound! The Cerberus leapt up and got out of the gate of hell. Under the surprised eyes of everyone, he rushed up and swallowed Marvin in one gulp. Champions league to premier league! The ruling officer of the underworld showed a terrified look, and disappeared in place very timely. An evil creature like a hellhound has a natural appetite for souls; this hellhound gave him a very uneasy feeling, and he ran away directly. After the terrifying three-headed hellhound swallowed Marvin, it circled around the Molten Field a few more times. He circled around the source of God left by Endorphina by Molten Lord’s avatar, revealing his covetous look. But he never touched that piece of God’s Origin. Just tens of seconds later, the Hell Dog opened its mouth again, and Beway suddenly spit out a shadow! Marvin landed firmly on the ground. The Cerberus shook its three heads affectionately, and rubbed against Marvin. Fortunately, Marvin had the fire of hell burning his whole body, otherwise he would not need to

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