The moment the God of Poker Imprisonment appeared, Marvin knew that there was no way to avoid this tough battle. He knew that the longer Endorphina stayed on Pooh, the more dangerous Pooh would be, but he had no la liga solution. The only way forward is to fight a bloody path and kill all these unsightly magicians! Celestial Imprisonment is a very powerful divine ritual. It can not only block the space and prevent the locked people from leaving, but also deny the entry of outsiders. Generally speaking, the people of the three major gods played the banner of their own gods, and the rest of the people would choose to wait and see. Marvin’s perception was not blocked by Liverpool, and he could feel that many eyes were on this jungle. They made no effort to hide what they meant. This affiliate battle contains far more meaning than personal grievances. It was the first confrontation between the representatives of the local powerhouses in Feinan Continent and the outside world after the collapse of the magic pool of the universe. Unfortunately, in the eyes of others, Marvin’s chances of winning are almost zero! Even if there are no gods here, they are all high-level servants of the gods, or the people of the gods, but the number is too large. If they all disperse and let Marvin BGaming one-on-one, NetEnt, the master of the night, may change the situation of the battle. It’s a pity that there is no if. Celestial Imprisonment has taken shape. Even the Prince of Shadows! The chelsa god who really owns the shadow domain, under the premise of being imprisoned, can display less than 50% of his strength! This is the characteristic of rangers: in a positive Sportybet confrontation, they are often difficult to take advantage of. What’s more, this time the three gods are coming aggressively, and they have basically dispatched the strongest lineup below the angels and able to infiltrate Feinan.

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