Someone in the background will reply as soon as possible! Everything ended so quickly that Marvin felt that Nairabet was a little dreamy. Is the enemy too weak, or has he become very strong invisibly? He looked at the sword of subduing demons in his hand, and shook his head. In the end, the ghost mother Moreira was completely dead. But the story about the Dark Specter doesn’t actually end there. At the moment when the ghost mother finally dies, all the ghost mothers and dark ghosts wandering in the dark region will die completely. This is the law of life of the dark ghost clan. But the Dark Specter’s invasion of NetEnt’s Fernando didn’t end there. Marvin saw the particle of light soaring into the sky. This is actually the world coordinates of Feinan sent by Online Casino to the world or dimension where the ghost mother Murray affiliated with her last strength when she died. Betting it sends out this premier league signal, telling its companions that the plan to conquer the world has failed. And next time, when the dark ghost descends on this world again, there will probably be more than three final ghost mothers descending! At that time, Feinan’s world will face even more severe tests. But all of this is not what Marvin needs to focus on at the moment. After killing Moreira, his short-term goal has been achieved. And at this moment, he suddenly discovered that there were still some abnormalities in the eternal frozen spring, so he began to go deep into the ice layer, heading towards the heart-shaped object emitting light blue. Hidden Canyon. The hermit who was drinking tea suddenly stopped, and just froze there. His eyes stared into the distance, and at the moment when the ghost mother was finally destroyed, the picture was clearly transmitted to

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