The God of Truth’s question made Marvin feel horrified. Although the hermit had already pointed out some unspeakable things when he borrowed the sword of subduing demons from the hermit in the dark area, but Marvin didn’t pay much attention to it at that time. He felt that as long as he was strong enough, no matter what problems he encountered, he could solve them easily. But the 22Bet God of Truth is standing here now and telling him that she was murdered by Lance, how can he not be shocked? “Honestly… I really don’t know.” Marvin felt his brain was about to explode! Wisdom talents have the instinctive ability to calculate casino slots. When Marvin encounters difficulties or doubts, this ability will be activated by itself, but this ability is also limited. When the name Lance appeared in Marvin’s mind, his calculations would automatically stop. His face suddenly became very pale! Obviously, wisdom talent is not omnipotent, just like a wizard who wants to use prophecy to find traces of baccarat and gods, it is very likely to be backlashed! After all, the opponent’s Pragmatic Play is Feinan’s creation god! “It seems that you, chelsa, really don’t know.” Jasmine was silent for a while, and looked at Marvin strangely: “Are you really a person from another world?” Marvin remained silent. He didn’t know how to answer this question. admit? Or deny? Even a god would find it hard to accept something like a time traveler, right? However, it seems that some high-level people know about Lance’s selection of himself. Fortunately, the God of Truth was not entangled in this issue. She considered for a long time before slowly saying: “My resurrection may disturb some people.

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