The two supreme beings are really extremely sad at this moment! You can’t advance, you can’t retreat, you can’t speak, you can’t scold! Looking at the sword spirit’s eyes, it was as incredible as if Nairabet had seen a ghost. The man in white finally plucked up his courage, and said: “Senior, we still have two brothers, maybe now…” Jian Ling slightly rolled his eyelids: “Huh?” When the two brothers meet up, let’s…let’s listen to the sports betting together and listen to the seniors’ teachings about the evolution game…” Sword Spirit sneered: “Before the old man finishes his question, if you dare to take a step, try it!” The human body immediately froze in place like a sculpture! The murderous intent of this sentence is very clear: if you dare to move, I will kill you! And there is no doubt that the opponent has such strength! The rumbling sound in the distance has gradually disappeared, and both of them are very anxious, but the mysterious old man in front of him doesn’t tell them to go, so the two really dare not move at all! Two masked men in white clothes respectfully apologized and said: “What happened on Paripesa today…we offended seniors.” One person, that’s enough, no Liverpool can kill any more…” He paused, and said: “This old man has a habit in his life, which is benevolence. God has the virtue of being kind, how can we wait because of NetEnt himself? Killing people at will while armed with force? Wouldn’t that be a violation of the Yin-Yang ethics?…” The two said with relief, “Senior BGaming is magnanimous and kind, and the younger generation will always feel great virtue and be in the five inner circles forever. “But I heard the senior suddenly pick up what he didn’t finish:”

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