Mo Tianji’s horse suffered from pain in his crotch, and suddenly accelerated, and rushed out like a gust of wind. Mo Tianji, who was always cautious, actually rushed to the front of the team. This incident made Gu Duxing and Dong Liverpool, who had been opening the way, all inexplicable. His eyes widened. [Just Arrive] The 22Bet frontrunner has always been the BGaming of the two of us, why is Mo Tianji here today to join in the fun? These two people have been rushing to the front against the wind, and they didn’t hear what was said behind them. “Are you sick?” Dong Wushang asked inexplicably, “What’s going on today?” Dong Wushang’s bewildered NetEnt scratched chelsa’s head and asked Gu Duxing: “Was it Mo Tianji or Ji Mo who passed by just now? The firecrackers are the same…” Gu Duxing couldn’t help laughing. “Slow down!” Chu Yang raised his voice and shouted, “There is a snow mountain in front of you, don’t be caught by monkeys…” Amidst the laughter, they finally reached the snow mountain! A severe cold hit our faces. Mo Qingwu had obviously never seen such a strange sight before, she couldn’t help but widen her eyes and watched carefully. He couldn’t help admiring: “It’s really strange! There are such strange scenes in this world.” The two mountains in front of him are connected, and there is only an open space of less than four or five miles in the middle, forming a canyon. The top of the mountain in the north is covered with snow, which has not melted for years, which makes people feel cold when they look at it. In the sky, there are still fluttering snowflakes. But the mountain on the other side is a row of deep autumn scenery, with yellow leaves. From time to time, BetWinner has fallen leaves, in the sky, the north is cloudy and heavy snow is flying, the south is clear, and the autumn wind is howling… It’s like a powerful person

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