Contents: The Misty Sky Crystal was directly arranged into the Fountain of Life by the Sword Spirit. In an instant, the spring water in the fountain of life surged, and the original milky white color instantly merged with the milky white color of the Misty Sky Crystal just added. Transforms poker into a crystal clear milky white. This color is like the color of Wan Zai Kong Qingling Milk, but it is more pure. Although it is milky white and opaque, it is so strange and stiff that it feels like Mozzartbet is transparent without any impurities! A faint fragrance wafts over the surface of the spring of life, and when people smell it, they feel comfortable in liverpool! BetWinner Now, as long as there is an elf’s Bet9ja life seed, it can immediately produce a treasure that the elves have never dared to dream of… a treasure of heaven and earth that is better than the fountain of life! As for this seed of life, Chu Yang already has a full grasp of the livescore: because, that thing is in the hands of Mr. Wei! And Mr. Wei is still a friend of Chu Paripesayang! This can be said to have been taken in hand! After holding the Piaomiao Tianjing and Xiehuan Yujing in his hands, Chu Yang felt a mighty aura suddenly rising from the ground under his feet. This aura is different from the sharp and murderous aura of the Nine Tribulations Sword, but it has a thick and solid feeling. There is even a kind of… simple and honest meaning. Chu Yang was taken aback by this feeling. This must be the Nine Tribulations Sword, but the one in front of him actually pushed himself up from below. This is really… As soon as this round and oily thing came out, it immediately aroused the Nine Tribulations Sword’s induction, and in an instant, there was a clear and resounding sword cry. Swipe, swipe, swipe, premier league swipe… the tip of the sword, the edge of the sword, the lattice, the tongue, the hilt, six pieces come out simultaneously, and the sword gang roars like a dragon

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