The content is loading…….698 Author: Fengling Tianxia As for how to settle the Unocal Brotherhood after the war is over, Jin Liwen thought of pulling all the magicians in their club to that place. In the established Ministry of Magic, let them do their research there. As for the mercenaries in the meeting, most of their roulettes lost their jobs due to changes in the transportation mode of intra-alliance trade with Live Betting. According to what Ferrand told him, many of these mercenaries grew up in mercenary regiments. Apart from fighting and killing, there are basically no other skills. He also told Jin Liwen that if these unemployed mercenaries hadn’t joined the Unocal Brotherhood and had some jobs in the guild to obtain a source of income, many of them would have been lost, so he felt that for mercenaries, the best Can find them a suitable job for Paripesa. The so-called suitable job for mercenaries is to fight and kill. In this case, it is better to let them join the armies of various countries. How can there be tens of thousands of mercenaries in the entire Unico Brotherhood? More than 50 countries, one country arranges a little, this Msports is not enough. No matter what you do, you must know yourself and the enemy, so that you can be invincible. In order for Betway to learn more about the situation of the Unico Brotherhood, Jin Liwen called Karakana, Columbus and Ferrand, Mozzartbet asked them about the Unocal Brotherhood. As for the other thing, Jin Liwen didn’t tell the people around him about the existence of the Unocal Brotherhood. Now Jin Liwen doesn’t want to pursue anything, anyway, things are in the past tense now. He is now warning everyone that if anything happens in the future, they will

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