The weapons Mo Tianji wants are all used to surprise and sneak attack, and even when he has to, he can spontaneously bounce back and kill the enemy when he is hit by the enemy. Obviously, Mo Tianji is planning for the future again. Chu Yang has been busy all day for the various demands of his brothers. It’s finally finished. The gold and jade were all squandered, and the other few top-quality meteorites and strange ores were also squandered and almost cleared out! After some calculations, this time it took a full 70,000 jin of strange metals to fully extract the essence from it. The Nine Tribulations Sword did not participate in the absorption this time, and melted all the essence of the golden crystal and iron into the weapon. Except for Rui Butong, which is guaranteed to be sharp, and the bet game is shoddy, everyone else is doing their best. What Chu Yangyang is sure about is: Gu Duxing’s Black Dragon Sword, Dong Wushang’s Ink Saber, Xie Danqiong’s Qionghua, Ao Xieyun’s Dragon Leap King Sword, Mo Tianji’s Purple Jade Xiao, Mo Qingwu’s Bet9ja Xingmeng Qingwu Knife, these, with more than 90% certainty, can become spiritual weapons! As for the other Ji Mo livescore and Luo Kedi’s sword, etc., it depends on their communication with their own weapons. If you don’t communicate with your heart, even the divine sword is still just cold metal in your hand. It’s not that the material is bad. It is worth mentioning that Mo Tianji’s purple betway jade flute, out of the mentality of taking care of his brother-in-law, Chu Yang made it for Liverpool completely with amethyst jade pith, with two pieces of amethyst soul mixed in the middle! Mo Tianji couldn’t put it down after Zi Yuxiao was built. Put it in your mouth and blow. The voice like gold and stone pierced through the air, melodious and melodious.

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