The fourth part, Iron Cloud Butting the Sky, the fourth part, Iron Cloud Butting the Sky, Chu Yang and others galloped all the way. And the fire that goes straight to the sky in the distance is the best guiding light! The brothers were even impatient to climb some high mountains. The people in front rushed forward with their swords and real madrid, bursting out from the mountains, while the people behind followed each other. Absolute straight line distance! Along the way, we also saw countless people gathering in the same direction. The flames in the sky also continue to exist! On the first betting day, Chu Yang and the others covered a distance of four thousand miles in a straight line! This is a terrifying statistic! Although the supreme being can fly for a short time, human cultivation is not endless after all! A swipe is hundreds of feet, of course 1xBet exists, but this swipe requires a huge baccarat of real energy as the backing, and all Paripesa can be activated to do it. And even if it is Supreme, if you keep driving at such a speed for a long time, you may eventually lose your strength and die. At this point, Chu Yang and others finally admitted that they were not as fast as those big birds in the sky. Those damn big birds seemed to be flying with me and others. They were flying in the sky from the very beginning, fluttering their wings anxiously all the way. Occasionally, he lowered his head curiously to look at the seven running people on the ground. No… Could it be that they are also in a hurry to meet the king of birds? But…it seems that they don’t look right, how could they run…why don’t they fly? Do you know that there are still birds running among man cities in the world? The birds were astonished. And Surebet247 is not inferior to 22Bet flying like its own affiliate… Finally saw these “perverted birds” stop, the birds in the sky

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