In the roar of the 203 novel flag, flames and darkness interweave into a heart-pounding performance. The ancient behemoth woke up from its slumber in this unprecedented stimulation, the chill from the permafrost could no longer suppress his awakening, and the glaciers began to melt rapidly under the scorching heat of the flames all over the sky. A huge shadow loomed in the darkness. What’s even more frightening is that the self-destruction of the martyrs caused temporary instability in this space. Marvin’s conjecture was correct. This is the Abyss River, the bottom of the plane. This can be said to be the strongest place in Feinan’s plane. But the mighty force of the martyrs, liverpool, still did unparalleled damage to the space. Crushed rock, crushed ice, cold wind, heat! Space even began to distort. The golden thread on Marvin’s body became tighter and tighter, and he was covered in blood. Even though the supernatural self-healing ability of the Lord of the Night is helping Spinmatic to restore the superficial damage, and the power of the devil contained in his blood is constantly exerting However, Marvin clearly knew that if he allowed the divine fire to burn on him, he would have only one way to perish! That’s no ordinary fire! It was the *fire from the devout baccarat faith of the martyrs. This real madrid flame can kill even low-level gods in the champions league, not to mention Marvin, the master of the night! Thinking of this, he suddenly woke up! “Don’t come here!” he snapped. Countless falling rocks smashed past his side, and a powerful force field supported this space, otherwise Marvin would have been buried alive long ago. Of course he knew about BetWinner, it was Jessica who made the move! In an instant, the Apocalypse Warlock Betting appeared not far from Marvin, and her expression was also ugly. The other end of the golden thread, fire

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