In the text, Chu Yang frowned and said, “Tianji, what you said is correct. The shortcomings you mentioned may have all of them… No matter, we are not Fifth Qingrou after all. Growing up in that environment may not be as simple as we thought… Moreover, even though Fifth Qingrou has these weaknesses, Nairabet himself has always suppressed them very well…” Chu Yang said: “You have to know, we The battle with him is extremely trivial, and it is absolutely impossible for every step to be a vigorous battle that can lead to a dead end! That is to say, the weaknesses you mentioned are not at all in Fifth Qingrou’s normal Surebet247 planning Appeared.” “Of course!” Mo Tianji glanced at Chu Yang admiringly, and said, “It’s unexpected that you can think of this NetEnt with your brain, which really impresses me.” Chu Yang’s face was full of black lines, and he flew up. One foot: “So I’m a fool in your eyes!” Mo Tianji laughed and flashscored: “I didn’t mean that. It’s just that…you like to act directly, even if it’s through your hands to cast a conspiracy , The same is true. So, in a way, your conspiracy is not a conspiracy at all, but an overt conspiracy. Set up a formation and wait for others to break the formation… It’s like Chelsa.” “You and I, still There is Wuwuqingrou, who are three completely different types of Paripesa.” “Fifth Qingrou uses the habitual thinking of conspiracy to deal with your conspiracy… So, he suffered a loss from Leap. And the next three days of war have begun , the overall situation is chaotic, and he can’t make any changes; that’s why you succeeded. But if you give him time, I still believe that you can’t beat him.” Mo Tianji smiled

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