For the next two days, Ning Tianya naturally became the protector of the little guy. Follow wherever you go. One old and one young, the feelings unexpectedly warmed up rapidly. I’m tired of being together every day, and I don’t know what to do. Tie Butian was very relieved by this situation. With Ning Tianya by his side, his son is absolutely safe. Naturally, Tie Butian didn’t know the details of this old and young couple together. If he knew about Slot Games, I am afraid that His Majesty the wise emperor would faint and bet the game. “Hey, Tie Yang, should we start the lecture today? How is the monkey? Has it come out from the bottom of the mountain?” Ning Zhizun asked. “What’s the hurry?” The little guy rolled his eyes: “I still have to practice today… Ning Zhizun Leap sighed. Suddenly there was a feeling of rejuvenation. He taught his apprentices and told them stories about the Premier League; now To protect this little guy, he actually needs to rack his brains to ask this little guy to tell him a story… Finally, one day in the Champions League, Ning Tianya asked in puzzlement, “These things are very profound, but the first time you meet, you don’t understand. Tell me… Is it true that children can’t keep their words? “” This is fate. “The little guy said, talking about chelsa.” Fate? “Ning Zhizun is a little complacent, it seems that he is still very popular…such a small guy, he feels that he is destined and reliable when he sees him…”Actually, I miscalculated! “The little guy Betting suddenly said with some frustration: “You are here to protect us…but, I always feel that your cultivation base is not high, and you have just started…so I just thought…” Ning Tianya was stunned. Then the muscles on his face twitched, and then twitched again

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