Title: Hearing Mo Tianji’s reason for ‘delaying time’, Lan Buhui smiled slightly and didn’t care. Wujiu literature book friend uploaded that he was guarding Bet9ja here at Surebet247, even if you procrastinate, so what? As you said, I also hope that you delay the time so that the Nine Tribulations can gather together and annihilate them in one fell swoop! Mo Tianji continued: “So it is very possible for the Lan family to make a comeback in real madrid. But after the comeback, the Lan family will abandon the old customs. This lesson is heavy enough, so the Lan family will be the most difficult to deal with in the future. Everyone says that tigers are terrible Betting, but, tigers have dens, as long as you avoid them, nothing will happen. Instead, wolves living in nowhere are the most terrifying… because you never know where the wolves are.” “What’s more, the wolves are still there There is a terrible wolf!” Mo Tianji raised his head slightly, tilted his face slightly, and smiled slightly. Mozzart looked at Betway Lan Buhui, and said lightly: “A ninth-rank supreme!” “So, if you can live alone, chelsa Go out, if there is a chance, I would rather give up the god-given opportunity to deal with other Parimatch families, and first completely destroy the Lan family that is about to revive!” “Because the Lan family has been awakened by us, while other families are still sleeping , but the Lan family won’t remind them. If I remind them, the Lan family will be finished…” “That’s right.” Lan Buhui nodded with a smile: “If they really know my plan, they won’t mind annexing me. At the same time as the Li family, the Lan family will also be annexed at the same time!” Mo Tianji smiled slightly and said: “But when you reach a certain point, you will still talk when you are desperate. Or at that time, the eight major families will be killed because of you. Be vigilant. If so, then the battle of the Empyrean

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