The Lan family looked at the golden piece of gold on the ground, which was five taels heavy, and each of them had extremely expressive faces. Besides secular figures, where else is gold used? For a behemoth like the Lan family, gold… Msports is almost the same as Tukela. It’s just a burning gate building. If you use gold, you need a hundred thousand taels, not to mention, there are even a few people who died and were injured. Among the No. 10 characters, there are still seven Supremes who have died, and a dozen others have also been seriously injured. Such a loss, even if BGaming has tens of millions of amethysts, it will definitely not be able to make up for it. The guy actually only threw out five taels of gold from Parimatch; and he also invited the Lan family to… laugh? He actually said sincerely in his own voice: This matter is evened out, and everyone owes nothing to each other… Nima, is your five taels of gold really fucking valuable? Lan Buhui’s face was covered with frost, looking at the shiny gold on the ground, with a wave of his hand, the gold was already in his hands, it seemed that the next moment, the gold would turn into golden water and flow down in his hands. But he suddenly took a deep breath, and laughed loudly: “That’s right, but please also remember that from now on, this matter will be evened out, everyone will not owe each other, mountains are high and rivers are long… there will be a period later” Outside, there seemed to be a low laugh, and there seemed to be a baccarat voice faintly saying: “…Okay” “Old Ancestor” Lan Yingfeng was furious, never dreaming that the old ancestor would be so weak. The ingot of yellow flashscore gold said heavily: “What’s it called? Don’t you agree?” Lan Yingfeng’s face twisted: “This… is too deceiving…” Lan Buhui took a deep breath and said

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