The Sword Spirit of the Foreign World Continent remembered that Xueleihan set up so many amethyst souls here just to be on the safe side, and then joked to himself that if Lord Shengjun laid the foundation, would he run out of it? Haha…” Thinking of Xue Leihan’s self-deprecating laughter back then, Jian Ling trembled all over. How could Jian Ling not hear the implication: Even if it is the Lord Shengjun who lays the foundation, it doesn’t take so much The soul of the purple crystal! Because this is the Nine Heavens in the next plane, and it is based on the physical test of ordinary people! However, Chu Yang took all the purple crystals, purple crystal hearts, and purple crystals here. After absorbing all the crystal chalcedony and the soul of amethyst, there is still more to say! In other words, there is still a lot of fire to be lacking! Thinking of this, the sword spirit is dizzy! Hastily approached Surebet247 to Lord Sword Master… You must be careful Keep in mind that it is best not to tell anyone about how much Amethyst has been absorbed here! Keep it strictly confidential!” Chu Yang frowned? “”Livescore that will only lead to your death!” “Sword Spirit took a breath, said Slot Games and casino Slot and… it is an endless disaster of death. It is even easy for the entire Nine Heavens Continent to disappear because of you. champions league !” Chu Yang jumped so badly? “It’s more serious than this!” “The sword spirit’s expression is very serious, making Chu Yang, he is definitely not joking. Instead, he is explaining an absolutely true fact! Chu Yang’s heart quickly settled down, and he said lightly that he was afraid that someone would be jealous of his talents?” “He Sportybet Stop!” Jian Ling wryly smiled, but we really can’t tell if this kind of thing will happen in the future, and I will give you a detailed explanation

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