Fengling Tianxia) Chu Yang’s whole body softened immediately: “My mother, so it’s your old man…” Sitting on the ground with a puff, his whole body was sweating profusely. Just now, we were really scared. Almost a heart jumped out of his throat too. This person is actually an acquaintance! An acquaintance whom I haven’t seen for a long time! Ning Tianya! Chu Yang was completely relieved. I’m safe… I’m finally safe. “Poker, why did you come here?” BGaming Ning Tianya frowned and looked sideways at real madrid Chu Yang: “What are you doing here?” Chu Yang snorted, and hurriedly began to treat his injuries: “I I haven’t asked you yet, why are you here?” Facing Ning Tianya is definitely much easier than facing Bu Liuqing. In Chu Yang’s opinion, Bu Liuqing was not easy to talk to, but Ning Tianya was not. Moreover, in Mo Qingwu’s narration, Ning Tianya is also the one who dotes on his apprentice the most Pragmatic play. “Of course I’m here for something! I have a reason to come! rumble” Ning Tianya was very uncomfortable. Every time this kid met Evolution Game himself, he didn’t respect him very much. It’s too casual… The last time I was in the extreme northern wilderness for three days, I was slapped by this guy. “Of course I have something to do when I come here, and I have a reason to come!” Chu Yang rolled his eyes. Treat your injury properly and raise your head. Ning Tianya said angrily: “You bastard, if it wasn’t for you, how could I have come here…” Chu Yang Daqi: “Because of us?” Ning Tianya sighed, and said: “It is because of you !” Before the battle of Tu Dao that day, Ning Tianya was attacked by Fa Zun and Wu Juecheng jointly, and was seriously injured. He couldn’t recover in a short time, so he had to find a place

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