The content is loading…594 Author: Fengling Tianxia Chu Yang took advantage of the night Betting and galloped all the way forward. Direction, Yejia territory! The place where amethyst is dense is the place where blessings are deep; when yin and yang are in harmony, the sky and earth are at the same moment! Chu Yang went here for the sixth live betting of the Nine Tribulations Sword! He can’t wait for Spinmatic to get the sixth Evolution game Cutting Nine Tribulations Sword, let the brothers come up! The NetEnt leather boots on his feet had been thrown somewhere, and he was just running barefoot on the ground. While running, the sky was shining with stars, and the ground under his feet was boundless. Chu Yang suddenly felt that he had entered a wonderful realm, and he suddenly flew up… It seemed that he himself was in the midair, in the air. Roaming and soaring under the starlight, on the ground of the big Endorphina in front of you, you can clearly see another self running wildly. The oncoming night wind messed up the hair of this ‘other self’, blowing the whole body of ‘his la liga’ The clothes are blowing back and forth… While running, the vitality in the body is running slowly, and I can only feel waves of pure livescore earth energy rushing up from the soles of the feet, and pure heaven and earth spiritual energy pouring down from the top of the head… …One up and one down, forming a perfect cycle, turning around in the body, it will be classified into the dantian. And the second ray of primordial silk in the dantian also seemed to be trembling… slowly growing. The original Champions League cultivation base in his body was constantly being purified as the air of the earth poured in… He felt that the pores all over his body were opened, and strands of mixed and impure vitality gradually dispersed from the pores Go out, the vacated space is replaced by the pure air of heaven and earth… Countless filth in the body

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