Text (The wonderful novels are all in the reading bar) Everyone Paripesa has discovered that their own cultivation is at a point where they are about to break through! Moreover, the vitality in the body is so powerful that it may pass through the barrier at any time. The originally unbreakable bottleneck seems to be… Mottled cracks have appeared in Leap? How could it be like this? Could it be that this body can actually improve his cultivation base while digging a tunnel underground? Everyone is puzzled. The one who was most puzzled was naturally Chu Yang: “Wow! Digging a tunnel actually raised one level of supreme cultivation? This, this, this…” Everyone trembled Lingling. Is it true? Immediately, everyone looked at the dark tunnel and the heavy stones, their eyes became hot. Digging a tunnel can actually improve your cultivation! Of course, it is impossible to break through here. Once it breaks through, there will be a lot of movement, so everyone can only suppress it. But everyone is absolutely sure: the bottleneck has been opened! As soon as you go out, you will be the second-rank Supreme! With the excitement in my heart, everyone’s energy is high! Immediately dig a hole desperately. Chu Yang secretly smiled in his heart, but his face was serious. The skyrocketing skill, Sportybet is not without reason! Chu Yang carefully mixed a small cup of Xueleihan fairy wine from Msports into the wine that BGaming had been drinking these days. Even if he tasted it carefully, he couldn’t taste it, but his cultivation became stronger and stronger day by day. It’s been almost two months since Bet9ja’s Slot Games… It’s not unusual to improve one level of cultivation. Especially… several of them are on the verge of breaking point. What Chu Nairabeyang never expected would be Mozzartbet in the future… Later, these people arrived in the southeast, there was no war for the time being, and the cultivation base was unable to break through, these guys actually set off a frenzy

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