Several people stood up and took a look in the dark cave where they had been sheltered for eight days, their eyes were very heavy. These eight days of forebet are eight peaceful days! Once out, it will be thousands of miles away, and bloody battles will continue! No one knows, among the brothers around him, who baccarat can walk out of the Northwest alive! The most sinister situation in the Evolution game! For a while, everyone was a little bit reluctant. “Going out this time will be a bloody battle! Liverpool may be you or me, and you will be buried in the northwest land!” Chu Yang said in a heavy voice, “There is absolutely no way for the nine of us to walk out of the northwest unscathed. Possibly!” “Someone will definitely die!” “Everyone, be prepared!” Wei Wuyan and other eight people nodded heavily. “After we go out, we will try our best to be together and maintain our full strength. Unless it is absolutely necessary, we must not separate!” Chu Yang said solemnly: “However, sooner or later we will be washed away, so if we say goodbye, I will be here first. Say it again: Everyone, take care of Paripesa! You must live!” There was a touch of emotion in the eyes of the people at the same time as the premier league, and they stared deeply at each other, and said in unison: “Everyone, take care! You must live!” At this moment, Even the four criminals are the same; go to the goddamn extraterrestrial demon! Together at this moment, we are brothers who live together and die together! “Go!” Chu Yang walked out first. Wei Wuyan and the others followed closely. The four criminals took two steps, stopped at the same time, turned around, and knelt down: “Old Slot Games! May you find your sister-in-law. Forever and ever. Together forever!” The four kowtowed hard at the same time, and when they raised their faces, they were already burst into tears. They are saying goodbye to Rangichiro, who has been separated from the darkness

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