·The hermit looks like an ordinary middle-aged human being. His legs should have been lost in the battle with the dark ghost, so he can only walk with a pair of crutches. But that doesn’t make him look weak in the slightest. Marvin felt a powerful aura from him, he was like a beast that had been silent for a long time, it looked like it had lost its fire, but as long as something ignited it, he could still burst out with great power. Being able to survive from the distant barbaric era to the present, even if his bloodline was in the former alien plane, it should be the high-level bloodline of the longevity species. Once a person has lived for too long, he will naturally see many things, and no matter how stupid a person is, he may become a wise man, not to mention some people are very smart themselves. According to Marvin’s understanding, the hermit who stayed in the Underdark should be guarding the seal of the Everfreezing Spring. He hated Leap, the Dark Specter clan, for destroying his world. He didn’t have any feelings for Feinan, but he didn’t want to see the dark specter acting fiercely on this land. It’s just that now, his attitude is a bit strange. Ma Wen hesitated for a while, and finally said calmly: “No matter what, someone has to stop it.” “I hope to get your help.” The hermit looked at Ma Wen meaningfully: “Young man, Betting, have you ever thought that disasters will never be extinct. When you save the world once, you may find that the next crisis is imminent.” “You can’t save everyone alone, what’s more, this book It is not your responsibility.” “Why don’t those who destroy the order of Liverpool solve these problems themselves? If the magic pool of the universe still exists, the seal of the permafrost will not be affected.

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