Only Master Li Qingliu, the chief manager of the Purple Crystal Mine, who had nowhere to escape, had nowhere to hide, stubbornly followed Master Zi, enduring endless abuse and complaints. “Those idiots didn’t come here to do anything again, did they?” Li Qingliu didn’t know how to answer Master Zi’s words. “I don’t think it will happen again. If it happens again, Li Wubo will just jump into the cesspit and drown himself…” This sentence is even more unanswerable. Li Qingliu could only smile wryly. Master Zi was talking to himself, walking in, Li Qingliu smiled wryly behind him, followed bravely, and when he was about to reach the corner, Master Zi suddenly turned around: “Are you very free?” “Eh? No…” Manager Li Qingliu was puzzled. “Then what are you following me for?” Master Zi roared, “Go to work soon?” Li Qingliu walked away in despair. Ghosts are willing to follow you Surebet247… But if you don’t tell me to leave, do I dare to leave? Li Guanshi really felt in his heart how reasonable Leap’s words were. After walking a long way, he couldn’t help sighing: “The real Slot Games is… a king is like a tiger… Master Zi sat down again. The most comfortable position: there is a sable fur under the body, and there are tall amethysts behind the left and right heads. Then, with a forebet expression of extreme dissatisfaction, he stretched out his hand, and Ziqi stuck it on the gap that had returned to the size of the teacup Paripesa…and started working! Sword Spirit rumbled out for the first time, and got in like lightning. In the space of Nine Tribulations. It began to rain again. soon. The excited voice of the sword spirit: “Master Sword Master! The soul of Amethyst! The soul of real madrid Amethyst has appeared!” Chu Yang trembled, his body

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