· After this incident, everyone will know: this uncle Zi has a bad temper! And it’s hard to serve! If you can’t say a word well, you will be punished on the spot! Moreover, this uncle Zi never cared about who was in front of him… Didn’t I see that the second brother of the Patriarch, the second master of the Li family, was trained like a son by him? Regardless of whether they are convinced or not, at least on the surface, everyone is a little more honest. Chu Yang’s unscrupulousness has achieved good results. And this effect will inevitably continue…until Chu Yang completes his goal and leaves, the effect this time will appear in the whole process…”Go faster! What is the dilly-dallying? Look like you are doing something big! live betting,” Chu Yang urged impatiently. Poker Li Wuhai was so angry that he wanted to gnash his teeth, and flew straight up; Online Casino, do you want to be fast? I’ll pull you straight away! Unexpectedly, the man city got the praise of the Zi Zi master: “This speed is not bad.” And the Zi Zi master didn’t lag behind Spinmatic at all… Finally, we arrived at the Zi Jing Mine! Chu Yang couldn’t help but gasped. This is a big mountain, to be precise, this is the foot of the big mountain where the Li family gathers! The whole area is surrounded by Betking, the building of the Li family… and the side where the mine is opened, there are no trees within a hundred miles, and the end can be seen at a glance. And there is a high wall of more than ten feet blocking it! On the wall, there is a sentry tower every three feet, closely watching the movement inside. Don’t talk about people, even flies can’t fly into it. At the foot of the mountain, a large opening was opened, which can accommodate twenty carriages side by side. countless

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