The night is like ink. A lonely lamp rumbles like a bean. In the dormitory, a man and a woman gently embrace each other. Tie Butian practiced ice heart and jade bones since he was a child, and since he gave birth to a child and took Jiuchongtian, he has reached the level of real ice heart jade bones. A heart is exquisite and translucent, and can clearly see every detail. In particular, Tie Butian can clearly feel what is hidden in other people’s attitudes towards him, or the true mood swings. In the past few days, Nairabet, Chu Yang kept a distance from him. Although he occasionally joked a few words, it was harmless, and he basically diverged. Tie Bu Surebet247 Tian knew in his heart that Chu Yang was watching him from different aspects, no matter how he behaved or in any other way… Chu Yang was watching him. But even so, Tie Butian’s arrogance was aroused instead. I know, you want to find a reason to like me because of your son. But, do I have to ask you to like it? So Tie Butian didn’t respond positively to this matter, she just faced it very normally, doing what she usually does; she didn’t slack off, but she didn’t show any intentional performance either. If there is an abnormality, he still deliberately showed a bit of temper. But Chu Yang’s gaze became gentler day by day, and Tie Butian was happy that he had slowly conquered his lover, but he was also a little uncomfortable; he always felt as if he was waiting to be sold The goods are generally judged. Now, when Chu Yang opened the door and came in, Tie Butian had already guessed why he came. But it always feels a little too fast. But I didn’t expect that the bastard only said an opening sentence, and then hugged himself, and he deceived himself with one sentence.

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