Tie Butian almost cried out in pain: Who is a man with you? Don’t talk like this… so… okay! Frowning, he said embarrassingly, “Chu Yuzuo, brother Chu, I… have been adhering to the ancient teachings since I was young, serious and self-restraining, and never… So, hehe… For those who are closer… physical contact , some…unacceptable, so, can Brother Chu be considerate?” He said and stretched out his hand to hug again. Tie Butian took another step back: “Brother Chu, please allow me… some time to get used to it, how about sure bet247?” Chu Yang seemed disappointed and said, “That’s all, I’ll give you time to let you get used to it. Casino Slot” Tie Butian felt relieved for a while, just listen to Chu Yang, your child is my child! Then he said: “Anyway, I have nothing to do during this period of time; I will just stay with you for a year or so, and wait for you to get used to it.” Tie Butian suddenly opened his mouth: ” Huh? A year and a half?” “Yes.” Chu Yang said sincerely: “Brother Tie, you don’t know, I have been in Online Casino for so long, and sometimes I dream back at midnight, remembering that you and I were in love with each other in sports betting back then. Working with Betway to create a great cause, my heart is full of enthusiasm! I wish I could reunite with you, have a good time with you, and often think about what kind of pleasure it is.” Tie Butian took a breath and said: ” Yes.” He also brought back memories of the past. Chu Yang said with some emotion: “Your Majesty, we brothers haven’t seen each other for several years. This time, let’s have a good get-together; I won’t leave even if you drive me away. I will definitely have a good drink with you! You and my brother. Get drunk! Then, I heard that there is a hot spring in the palace?” Chu Yang revealed

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